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Redistricting FAQs

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When studying the responses to the proposed redistricting plan, we noticed a trend with certain questions and comments. We have responded to the most frequently asked questions with explanations for your review. Please follow the Read More link to view.

What was taken into consideration to draw the boundary lines?

Proximity:  School assignments will be within a reasonable distance of the student's home. Factors for consideration include:

  1. Minimizing splitting of neighborhoods when developing base attendance areas.
  2. Creating direct feeder patterns at the elementary (when applicable), intermediate, and middle school level.

Operational Efficiency: School assignments will optimize the use of school facilities and transportation resources. Factors for consideration include:

  1. minimizing overcrowded schools
  2. preparing for anticipated growth; and
  3. maximizing transportation efficiencies.

Student Support: School assignments will attempt to limit high concentrations of students from low income households at each school to maximize the level of support provided in each building. 

Why change the grade span configuration?  When Selma Burke middle school was proposed in 2019, the decision was made to change the grade span configuration to alleviate overcrowding in our K-3 schools and to allow MGSD to create a more traditional model for middle school.  This change allows 6th grade students to be eligible for most middle school sports, start in the band program, as well as participate in other middle school activities that their peers in neighboring districts already have access to.

Why are communities north of 150 near Reinhardt Road zoned for South?

This is based on transportation efficiency and capacity concerns at the other elementary schools.  It was determined that the area north of 150 around Reinhardt road would be the most efficient area in the northern section of the school district to bring to South Elementary. 

Could we consider grandfathering students at their current school?

Based on feedback, this is something that the Board of Education could consider as part of the approval process.

Why can't I stay with the current staff at my child’s school?

We know that leaving a school where you know the staff can be challenging.  It is worth considering that some of our staff members will also move as part of the reconfiguration process, so it's very possible that your child’s favorite teacher or teacher assistant could be at the new location as well.

Why can’t all students not be zoned to the school closest to them?

As the school district has grown over the past 100 years, schools were built based on need at that time.  Unfortunately, this has created a situation now where our schools are not geographically spread out, especially at the K-3 level.  

Why did we not consider K-5 schools?

With the proximity of Rocky River to Mooresville Intermediate as well as Park View to East Mooresville Intermediate, it would have been very challenging to create K-5 schools based on geographical patterns.  Also, it would require additional cost to redesign and modify elementary schools for intermediate students and intermediate schools for elementary students.

Will my student be able to stay in the Dual Language Immersion program?  

We currently offer this opportunity in each elementary school and plan to expand to each intermediate school, so your child will be able to stay in the program even if they are zoned for a new school.

Due to the transition, I feel as though my child is going to miss out on special opportunities given to 3rd and 6th graders as the oldest students in the building.

We have discussed this as a team, and our building level leaders are working on a plan to make sure that 2nd graders and 5th graders get some of the unique opportunities that we traditionally give our oldest students.

Why are Linwood Farms and Gambill Forrest zoned for South Elementary?

In looking at future growth, Gambill Forrest in particular has the potential to add a significant amount of students to our school district.  The decision was made to place both neighborhoods at South due to capacity concerns at Park View and Rocky River Elementary.

Is the school district considering a second high school?

We plan to continue to closely monitor our enrollment trends to evaluate the need for either a future addition to Mooresville High School or the need for a second high school.  No decisions have been made at this time.