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About Us


The mission of our Exceptional Children’s Department is to: 

Collaborate with parents, students and staff to meet the unique needs of all our students and prepare them to be productive members in our global community.

Provide special education and related services according to the federal mandates of the Individual with Disabilities Education Act and the regulations of North Carolina; 

Special education and related services are provided on all our campuses with specific classrooms clustered to meet the needs of students who require more intensive instruction to benefit from their special education.

Our Goals:

Ensure that every child receives high quality special education to enhance their strengths and needs

Provide every school in our district with the appropriate resources and support to meet every child’s IEP

Provide exceptional children’s teachers quality professional development to continue their growth and learning about students with special needs.

Continue to provide intense support in the area of autism. Autism problem-solving teams are located at each school with ongoing collaboration with parents, teachers and administrators to meet the needs of students with autism.