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Kim Cline with Robert Lane and  Dr. Mauney
Kim Cline
2018 - 2019 Technology
Employee of the Year


Robert Lane
Director of Technology

574 W McLelland Avenue
Mooresville, NC  28115

Office Hours
7:30am - 4:00pm


The MGSD Technology department is responsible for the day to day operations of maintaining networking status and repairing laptops.  The office is located at 574 W. McLelland Ave. Building A. (N.F. Woods Campus)  The Department is headed by Mr. Robert Lane, the Director of Technology. 

Technology Staff

Mr. Robert Lane - Director of Technology

Mrs. Kim Cline - Accounts Manager

Mr. Logan Edwards - Technician

Mr. Michael Hiskey - LAN Engineer

Mr. Robert Rhyne - Technician

Mr. Gilson Siegel - Technician

Mr. Adam Starnes - WAN Engineer

Mr. Jaterius Turner - Technician

Mr. Berry Williams - LAN Engineer

Laptop Collection

MGSD laptops for grades 4-12 are collected near the end of each school year. The laptops are refreshed over the summer and prepared for re-issue in the Fall.

Important Information:

  • All student laptops MUST be returned on the collection date as specified below for each school.
  • If laptops are not returned, students will be charged full replacement cost of the laptop. MGSD will proceed with legal action if laptops are not returned.
  • Laptops are checked for damage during collection. Students must pay any fines assessed for damage to the laptop before they can receive a laptop in the fall.
  • BOOK BAGS will NOT BE collected. Students will take book bags home with them over the summer. Students MUST bring the book bag to deployment in the fall in order to receive their laptop. If they do not bring their book bag, they will have the option to purchase a new one for $45.

Collection Dates

All students should bring their laptop, charger and book bag to school on this day!

Mooresville High School - Grades 9-12
(Students can return laptops after their last exam)
Main Collection will be
June 5 and 6, 2019
Mooresville Middle School - Grades 7-8 
June 4, 2019
Mooresville Intermediate School - Grades 4-6
May 31, 2019
East Mooresville Intermediate School - Grades 4-6
June 3, 2019

Laptop Deployment

********** IMPORTANT **********


All rising 4th through 12th grade students in MGSD receive a laptop for use during the school year. ALL rising 4th-12th grade students will attend deployment at Mooresville Intermediate School, 1438 Coddle Creek Hwy.

Deployment daTES are as follows:

Monday- july 29, 2019 - 8:30 Am-7:30 pm
tuesday - july 30, 2019 - 4:30-7:30 Pm
wednesday - JUly 31, 2019 - 8:30 Am-7:30 pm
saturday - august 3, 2019 - 10:00 am-3:00 pm



  • ALL students must attend with a parent/guardian
  • ALL returning students must bring their school-issued book bag to deployment to receive their laptop. (If you do not have your book bag, you will not be able to attend deployment and receive your laptop or you must purchase a new one for $45.00)
  • Rising 4th grade and new students to MGSD will receive a new bookbag at no cost
  • ANY and ALL outstanding fines must be paid before a laptop will be issued. (A reminder letter about fines will be emailed and/or mailed to students/parents over the summer)
  • All students must pay an annual $50 Usage Fee
  • ALL students and parents/guardians must attend a short information session
  • Powerschool Online Registration must be completed before a laptop can be issued

We STRONGLY ENCOURAGE parents and students to participate in ONLINE TRAINING, complete POWERSCHOOL ONLINE REGISTRATION and pay the USAGE FEE before coming to deployment. This will drastically reduce your wait time. Please visit http://deployment.mgsd.k12.nc.us for information on completing these tasks.

Online training will be ready the week of July 15, 2019.


Internet Safety

  • Parents should set and enforce rules for home internet use

    • Have computer in a common room (not in the bedroom with door closed!)
    • Time limit on internet, instant messaging, social networking sites, online gaming, etc.
    • Parents should ask and know student's personal username and password for their computer, email accounts, and any social networking sites
  • Suggestions concerning e-mail

    • Parents should have access to students' email
    • Threatening email should never be sent
    • Attachments bring danger of viruses
    • Spam = Junk mail = Don't reply
  • Instant Messaging

    • Different clients: AOL Instant Messenger, Yahoo Instant Messenger, Microsoft Instant Messenger, iChat, Facebook Messenger
    • Can hide true identity with a screen name (dancergirl1996)
    • Sessions can be saved and printed
  • Social Networking sites

    • Various: Facebook, MySpace, MeeBo, BeBo, BlackPlanet, Buzznet, Habbo, imeem, Jaiku, MiGente, MyChurch, Windows Live Space, Xanga, Instagram, and new ones appearing regularly
    • Purpose: Online communities of people who share interests and provide a variety of ways to interact
    • Parents should monitor their child's activities on social networking sites and ensue that private data is not posted online
  • Web-surfing

    • Banner/pop-up ads: clicking on them places a "cookie" on your computer, allowing websites to track your movements (from Walmart to phishing scams!)
    • Never give out personal information, even seemingly innocent and unimportant info
    • Never make online purchases without parent permission/supervision...make sure website is secure (https:) befoe entering credit card information
    • NEVER make plans to meet with someone you interact with on the internet

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a cost to parents associated with their child receiving a laptop?

There is a required annual $50 technology usage fee. An STM hard plastic cover and a Brenthaven bookbag will be provided free of charge to each student grades 4-12.

Can any family member use the laptop?

Each student will be assigned an individual username and password. Parents are encouraged to access their child's account and monitor their child's usage and progress.

Will students keep the laptops over summer break?

No, laptops and chargers will be taken up near the end of the school year. Students will keep their bookbags over the summer.

What training is available for parents who are unfamiliar with the laptop? 

A mandatory overview training is required at the beginning of each year for parents and students.  Parent training is offered throughout the year at the school level. In addition,  Apple.com offers many online tutorials.  Other resources online have great tutorials as well.

Will parents need to purchase additional items for the laptop?

Not necessarily, but it is recommended that students have the means to back up documents for future use (i.e. A thumb drive).

What if the laptop stops working at home (after school hours)?

MGSD students can contact the Apple help line, or bring the laptop to the school’s help desk during school hours.

What will be the consequences for misuse or inappropriate use of the laptop?

Details are provided in our Responsible Use Policy (RUP) and the MGSD Code of Conduct.

Will students carry fewer textbooks once they have laptops?

Yes.  Teachers will increasingly begin to use digital content for instruction and assignments.  This will be a transition over time. 

What filter(s) are in place to protect student from visiting harmful websites?

MGSD laptops utilize the State of NC’s cloud based filter, zScaler which is updated daily; however, the most important filter is parental supervision. Parents are offered training on internet safety and are shown how to check a student’s history on the laptop.

How much does it cost MGSD for the Digital Conversion?

MGSD uses a variety of funding sources to be able to implement the Digital Conversion. Initial start up costs revolve around network infrastructure, staff development and planning.  On going cost are built into the operational budget.  MGSD leases student and teacher laptops (a 4 year lease) at an approximate cost of $1M per year.  MGSD also purchases a variety of Digital Resources which cost approximately $40 per student per year.

How much Bandwidth does MGSD have?

MGSD has 10GB Fiber connections to each school from the Technology Department and a 2GB pipe to the Internet.  On an average day with 5000+ machines online, bandwidth capacity is 1GB.


Need Technology Help?

Students & Staff - submit a support ticket here.


Mooresville High School

Damien Akelman

Help Desk Manager


Phone: 704-658-2590

 Mooresville Middle School

Gilson Siegel

Help Desk Manager


Phone: 704-658-2737

Mooresville Intermediate School

Jennifer Starnes

Help Desk Manager


Phone: 704-658-2685

East Mooresville Intermediate School

Marsha Rhyne

Help Desk Manager


Phone: 704-658-2706