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January Board Meeting News and Happenings


The Mooresville Graded School District held its regularly scheduled Board of Education meeting on Tuesday evening, January 14.  Following are a few of the highlights:

Artist of the Month

The Board recognized Mooresville Middle School student Allie Hildebran as the MGSD Artist of the Month.   Allie was nominated by her art teacher, Ms. Helms, who stated, "Allie consistently creates quality artwork with impeccable craftsmanship. Not only is her artwork impressive, but her work ethic is admirable as well.  If she ever misses a class period, she makes arrangements to stay for art tutoring immediately. Allie completes work on time and is one of the most valued leaders in the art room.  Once she masters a technique, Allie observes which peers are struggling and begins to navigate the art room to offer individualized instruction. With this specific piece of art, students were taught a lesson by Mrs. Sims, the MMS student art teacher from UNCC.  They learned about the artist, Gustav Klimt, who combined two dimensional shapes and patterns with three dimensional, realistic human body parts such as a head and arms.  This mixed media work combined etching and collage techniques and exemplified how contrast was created by placing opposites next together. Allie is an excellent student and self motivated individual. Not only is she capable of great things now, but I foresee a positive, rewarding and successful future on any life path she will choose to follow."  Congratulations, Allie!

(pictured l to r - Mr. Larry Wilson, MGSD Board Chair, Allie Hildebran, Artist, Superintendent Edwards)

Key to the Town

The Town of Mooresville presented Dr. Edwards with a "Key to the Town" at last night's board meeting. During the presentation, Commissioner Houston along with Commissioners Coble, Compton, Dingler, and Herring, stated, "In the United States and other countries around the world, an ornamental key is presented to esteemed visitors, residents or others whom a community wishes to honor with special recognition. Since coming to Mooresville as Superintendent of the Mooresville Graded School District in 2007, Dr. Mark Edwards has made educating the children of Mooresville his passion. His vision, along with the hard work and dedication of the amazing teachers and staff he leads, and their combined commitment to educating every child, every day, has produced what is recognized as one of the top school districts in the nation. Dr. Edwards, because of your accomplishments as Superintendent, combined with your dedication to the Mooresville community and our children, we’re proud to present you with the Key to our Town.” 

Dr. Edwards accepted the honor on behalf of the MGSD faculty, staff, students and parents stating that it is a combined effort of all involved making MGSD so successful. He went on to say our strong partnership with the Town of Mooresville is also instrumental in our district's success.

(pictured l to r - Mayor Pro Tem Thurman Houston, Commissioner David Coble, Superintendent Mark Edwards, Commissioner Bobby Compton, Commissioner Mac Herring, Commissioner Eddie Dingler)

Other Actions
  • The MGSD Board of Education voted to approve the school calendar for the 2015 - 2016 school year.  Please note that while the linked calendar says "proposed," it was finalized with last night's board vote.
  • Also voted on by the Board was a tiered price plan for school lunches at Mooresville Middle and High School. This is an additional meal option at a price of $3.15 per meal to allow students more options.  With the new Smart Snacks legislation that was implemented in July, a la cart items previously available to students are limited.  With the tiered system, the MGSD Child Nutrition department will be able to provide these and new items as part of this $3.15 meal. The regular meal option for $2.40 will also still be avialable.  This additional meal option will go into effect the end of January.