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MGSD Board of Education News and Celebrations

Pledge of Allegiance

Mooresville Intermediate School student Bianca Gilmore was chosen to lead the Pledge of Allegiance at the November 15 Board of Education meeting.  Bianca was nominated by her teacher, Ms. Yasmyn Southerland, who said the following about Bianca:

"Bianca is an awesome student who is always smiling and willing to help others.  She is respectful, kind, and enjoys working with her classmates.  Bianca is a hardworking student who is constantly striving to do her best in all academic areas.  She constantly shows perseverance and determination!"

MGSD is proud of Bianca!  #NeverStopSmiling

Artist of the Month

The Board of Education awarded Mooresville Intermediate School student Ryder Lavalette the MGSD Artist of the Month award.  Ryder was nominated by his art teacher, Ms. Gryder, and his homeroom teacher, Ms. Sharpley.  In the nomination, they said:

"Ryder has a contagious spirit about him that is seen continuously by Ms. Gryder in the art classroom. He not only does his very best work in every project assigned to him, but he inspires those around him to work hard and make something they can be proud of. His talent and love for art makes being his art teacher so rewarding. As fourth grade learns about our home state, North Carolina, we focused on our state bird the Cardinal. As a class we painted Winter Cardinal portraits and Ryder did an amazing job. He gave his portrait detail, color and successfully added realistic features that can be challenging to many his age. Ryder is very deserving of this award!"

Excellent job, Ryder!  #ArtMakesADifference


Above and Beyond the Call of Duty

MGSD bus driver, Mr. Wayne Benfield, received the ABCD Award at the November Board of Education meeting.  Mooresville High School Assistant Principal Michael Few, MIWAYE Principal Yamaro Scott, and Rocky River Elementary Assistant Principal Lani Earnhardt nominated Mr. Benfield.  In the nomination they said:

"Wayne Benfield is rarely, if ever, absent. He greets me each day with a smile and waves as his bus is coming through every morning and afternoon. Whenever I see him he has an upbeat and jovial attitude. He has a great relationship with the students that ride his bus and they enjoy having him as their driver. His work ethic is second to none and he is always willing to lend a hand when needed."  -Michael Few, MHS

"This person not only has the characteristics of a great bus driver, but he is also an all-around great human being. He is dependable by showing up for work every day and is always willing to go the extra mile. If you don't see him at work, you know something is wrong. Anyone would love to have this person on their team because he is cool and calm as a fan. Whether the driving conditions are rain, sleet, snow or sun, you will still find a smile on his face. He takes great pride as a driver, which is the biggest factor in getting students to and from school safely."  -Yamaro Scott, NF Woods

"'Mr. Wayne' as we call him here at Rocky River is so very dependable and welcomes each Racer onto his bus with a warm smile and hello. Mr. Wayne is extremely prompt and willing to assist in any way possible to support our students and staff. He encourages positive bus behavior by passing out tickets for our students to earn Dojo points. We are so thankful to have him on our fleet again this year and hope he continues to drive our little ones at Rocky River Elementary. Thanks for ALL you do, Mr. Wayne!"  -Lani Earnhardt, RRES


Instructional Highlight

Mooresville Intermediate School highlighted their classroom transformations at the November Board of Education meeting.  To learn more about the classroom transformations at MIS, check out the information and video in this link:

2018 Audit Report

Every year MGSD goes through an extensive audit of their financial statements.  The independent auditors issue four opinions:  1) Financial Statements 2) Federal Funds 3) State Funds and 4) Overall Program.  MGSD received the highest audit rating given with an unmodified opinion and once again received a clean audit with no exceptions or difficulties encountered.

School Improvement Plans

The Board of Education voted to approve the School Improvement Plans that each school presented at the October board meeting.  To see each school's plan, please follow this link:

2019 - 2020 School Year Calendar

The MGSD Board of Education voted to approve the 2019 - 2020 School Year Calendar at at the November 15 meeting.  The approved calendar is the Non-traditional calendar that was shared with all district families via a survey and presented for review and feedback at the October board meeting. The survey result, with 1,400 responses, was 71 percent in support of changing to the non-traditional calendar and 29 percent in favor of keeping a traditional calendar.  A copy of the approved calendar can be found at this link:  We appreciate all of the feedback we received and thank you for participating in the survey!