MHS Bond Project:  A Brief Overview

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Background Information

Mooresville High School was constructed in 1948 for a student population of 600 students.  Throughout the past 66 years, Mooresville Graded School District has grown to exceed that number by over 1000 students with a current population of 1801 students.  Despite additions over this time and consistent maintenance, MGSD can no longer keep up with the growth and deterioration one would expect with a building of this age.


MGSD has a plan that includes a new gymnasium, auditorium, and a complete renovation of Mooresville High School, as well as renovations at the Magnolia Annex which would allow classes currently at NF Woods campus to be moved to the Magnolia Annex.  This move would eliminate bussing between campuses multiple times throughout the day resulting in increased instructional time and cost efficiencies.  The total cost of the proposed project is $40 million dollars.


MGSD believes due diligence is owed to our constituents as recipients of tax payer dollars.  With this in mind, we studied similar projects to ensure our costs were inline with what is considered reasonable and within industry standards.  Due to its similarity with what MGSD proposes to do at Mooresville High School and its close proximity to Mooresville, the Statesville High School construction and renovation project that was completed in 2007 was a compelling benchmark for the MHS proposed project.

Statesville High School (SHS) Project

  • SHS project cost in 2006 - 2007 = $33.1 mil with a student population of 1,139.
  • SHS project cost with CPI as of May 2014 = $39 mil with a student population of 1,075.
  • SHS project maximum building capacity = 1,508.

Mooresville High School (MHS) Proposed Project

  • MHS proposed project = $40 million with a student population of 1,680.
  • MHS proposed project maximum building capacity = 2,500.
 Project Cost
w/ CPI
2013 - 2014
Student Population
Building Capacity
Statesville High School$39,000,0001,0751,508
Mooresville High School40,000,0001,6802,500
DifferenceMHS + $1,000,000MHS + 605MHS + 992

Taking the 2007 actual cost of the SHS project and the projected cost of the MHS project into consideration with the Maximum Building Capacity, the Mooresville High School project’s cost per student is approximately a 27 percent savings over the Statesville High School’s cost per student.

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