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Scholastic Administrator - 3/2013

Mooresville’s Digital starting in 2007 has kick started some record setting numbers. The graduation rate has raised through the roof compared to past years. As well as the 88% of graduates that are attending college currently. Although they are ranked among some of the highest spending per students, the numbers have shown it was well worth it. Mitch.

The Journal - 9/12/2012

This digital conversion in the MGSD district, where 40% of students qualify for free and reduced lunch is a big success. With this digital conversion this technology is helping teachers really connect with the students. The numbers show a 54% decrease in dropout rate in the district. Not only are the students succeeding, But the district jumped from 38th to 3rd on the list of “schools of distinction”.

District Administration Magazine - 2/2012

Mooresville’s well trained technology staff is a big success. They are facing some trouble though. They now have to manage to get bandwidth that supports 2.5 time what they did the years before. They are getting help from an outside source who takes care of most of the networks around the area.

New York Times

Mooresville has been very successful with educating students through all grade levels. The digital conversion helps the teachers quickly find who needs help. It is almost like the teachers are just facilitating self taught lessons. Having this technology saves the embarrassment for students struggling on a lesson. The teachers are notified if they aren’t doing well on the practice and can go over and assist.

CNN Money

Although Moresville’s spending is so high, they are ranked 2nd on graduation rates among 113 districts. They also are ranked 3rd on test scores among the districts. So, the 4,400 laptops aren’t doing it for them. Teachers are transforming the way they teach, around these machines. This new style of teaching, which takes a lot of trust into the student’s hands, is really working.

Mooresville's Shining Example

The Federal Department of Education officials often cite Mooresville as a symbolic success. Sixty educators from across the nation roamed the halls and ringed the rooms of East Mooresville Intermediate School, searching for the secret formula. What they are looking for is an explanation for the steady gains Mooresville has made since issuing laptops three years ago to the 4,400 4th through 12th graders in five schools. This is not about the technology, It’s about changing the culture of instruction; preparing students for their future, not our past.


Rumors are spreading all across the US about a little town in North Carolina. The Mooresville Graded School district has provided apple computers for every child in their district. With it costing essentially a whopping one  Million dollars a year, many question why they chose to do so. These computers have replaced, World maps in history classes, and most all paperwork completed by the students.  

The Journal

Imagine being part of a school district where children choose to come in early from recess to do schoolwork, a place where student engagement is so contagious it has overtaken the faculty and staff, a district where the focus is truly on every child every day.

Fox News in Mooresville

This is just a short video recognizing Mooresville’s digital conversion. Mooresville has gotten visits from over 15 states. Many teachers from districts all over have came and seen what all the buzz is about. Mooresville has managed to continue this conversion with budget cuts. It is very well managed.

Using Virtual Worlds to Engage Gifted Learners

Students like the usage of technology in the classroom / school setting because it’s easier to stay focused, more while looking at a screen then looking down at paper and listening to someone talk about a subject. Teachers enjoy the technology because their students can do the work at home when they are sick or if they just arent at school.


Smart boards will be used in classrooms that cannot use laptops, as mooresville becomes more and more digitally converted, they will be saving money over the textbooks, With students and textbooks they would get bored and finish quickly, but with laptops they stay more engaged in learning.

Project RED: Case Study in Digital Conversion

Talking about the digital conversion and how the MGSD district gave laptops to staff first to get associated with the new technology and figure out how to work a computer and get around on it. Talking about poverty in the state, how school scores have gone up over the time of using the laptops. Click here to visit Project RED website.

SAScom Blog

Talking about how its easier for students to do their assignments and recieve grades right away. It’s easier on the staff from a grading and teaching standpoint because of all the online articles and ways for students to interact. Students can make “movies’ and other multimedia ways to present in the class.

WSOC-TV in Mooresville

Test scores have jumped while using the laptops in a classroom setting over 70%

Students can use many online web tools to help with their note taking and learning, Can also be used in classrooms to skype with other students from england and talk (only teachers). Text books are staked up while laptops take over the classroom, providing the grades 4 though 12th with laptops.

Wall Street Journal

Over the years the digital age has grown and gotten increasingly more popular with kids and young adults. President obama was urging the usage of online textbooks for schools and a technology shift for everyone.  as internet beings to expand more people will discover educational tools online and the use for the internet will not only grow for some but for many including students, technology if used correctly is a great tool to help students learn and eliminate paper usage.

Business Wire

After 8 years of Mooresville’s digital conversion, the district might really be onto something with their new partnership. Mooresville high has made a partnership with MasteryConnect. MasteryConnect is a software for test taking that helps teachers easily see what students are understanding and what students need remediation on. This is helping Mooresville stay up in the 90th percentile for graduation rate and record breaking scholarship dollars awarded..

County Wants Less Expensive Laptop Plan

County is questioning the reason for the 10 million taxpayer dollars being spent on laptops for schools, they are wanting a cheaper resolution for this. Believed the district went through a process where they were comparing apple to windows and had found benefits with mac the more expensive system than windows.

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