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Board of Education January Celebrations

Pledge of Allegiance

The Pledge of Allegiance was led by two wonderful students selected by their teachers and principals for what they bring to their schools!

Nicholas Zamparelli is a 3rd grade student at Park View Elementary School and was chosen because he is a true example of a Patriot scholar!  He encourages Patriotism in others and intrinsically cares to do the right thing.  Nicholas is a creative thinker who loves science, math, speaks French and just happens to be a pianist, too!  He is a great friend to others and an exceptional student.  Nicholas is a future leader who will make our world a better place!

Nicholas was joined by Joshua Rouson, a 2nd grade student at Rocky River Elementary.  Joshua was chosen because he is a hard-working young man who loves to learn!  He lights up the room with his smile and friendly disposition.  Joshua is a well-mannered student and a wonderful friend to his classmates.  He wants to help others and is always there for someone in need.  Perhaps Joshua's greatest trait is his eagerness to learn.  This attitude is contagious, and he sets a good example for his peers.  We are excited to nominate Joshua for this special honor!"

Board Chair, Superintendent and two students selected to lead the Pledge.

Artist of the Month

Art is such a vital part of educating well-rounded children and we love celebrating our artists each month!

Our December featured artist is Stormy Welch, a 3rd grade student at Park View Elementary School.  Stormy was nominated because she is not only a very gifted and talented artist, but also a responsible, respectful, kind, and safe student.  She is always eager to offer a helping hand and a kind word to others. Her oil pastel and tempera paint resist painting is a still life of pumpkins in a pumpkin patch. The artwork was inspired by a class discussion and reflection of what we see in our environment and nature during the autumn season in our
home state of NC. In this artwork, the objectives were to create artwork from realistic sources of inspiration, use a variety of medium with refined skill, and use art vocabulary, including specific artistic terms such as still life, overlapping, balance, and shading. Stormy’s artwork was chosen because she incorporated all of the required objectives. To make it look even more realistic, she used blending, outlining, and shading techniques that were suggested.

Our January artist is a 3rd grade student from Rocky River Elementary.  William Prinino is an excellent student who quietly leads by setting a good example to his peers for hard work and perseverance. He focuses on his work, and his classmates and I are always impressed with the outcome! For this project, William used oil pastels and tempera paint to create a Tree Silhouette. This example is exemplary of the quality of work William completes during Art Class. I know that William’s work ethic and gentle manner will take him far!

Artist of the Month, board chair, and superintenent
Artist of the Month, board chair, and superintendent

Above and Beyond the Call of Duty

Due to the December Board Meeting being cancelled because of the snow storm, the MGSD Board of Education recognized two employees for going Above and Beyond the Call of Duty at the January 8th meeting.

The first person receiving the honor was Mooresville High School's School Nutrition Manager, Cheryl Crabtree, who was nominated by Terry Haas, MGSD Chief Financial Officer, and Kim McCall, MGSD School Nutrition Director.  In the nomination Ms. Haas said:

"Ms. Crabtree is the perfect recipient of this award. I had the honor of working with Ms. Crabtree this summer. MHS was the site of our annual Summer Institute. As you know the project at MHS has taken some time and the staff has had to be flexible, this includes the MHS Cafeteria staff. To get ready to host the staff at MHS, there was a lot to clean up and a lot put back into a storage area that had just been completed. No matter how many times you heard someone say “Cheryl, where does this go?” she always answered with a smile. She was so easy to work with and has such a wonderful sense of humor. Her attention to detail is amazing. MGSD is blessed to have her."

Kim McCall added:

"Cheryl is so deserving of this award. It is hard to believe she has been at MHS barely more than a year.  She is doing an exemplary job as the manager at MHS and exceeding my expectations. She has come in as a new manager of the largest school nutrition crew we have.  While Cheryl has a staff of both experienced and
inexperienced school nutrition employees, they all work together so well under her leadership. I hear from substitute staff all the time that they love working at the high school. There is a lot to learn about the inner workings of six serving lines and how to manage a cafeteria that serves 1200 meals a day (including breakfast,
lunch and snacks) but Cheryl has done just that. Cheryl has a passion for quality food and making sure her customers are treated with respect. She is one of those natural leaders who is constantly looking to improve and has the vision to utilize strengths in all areas of her staff."

ABCD Award recipient with the Board Chair and Superintendent

The second recipient of the ABCD award was our N.F. Woods Campus custodian, Ms. Kay Ellis.  Ms. Ellis was nominated by the NF Woods' staff and her supervisor, Mr. Lee Hill.  In the nomination the NF Woods' staff said:

"We are nominating Ms. Kay for the January ABCD Award. Mrs. Karen Ellis, affectionately known as Ms. Kay, is an extraordinary team member and outstanding example of going above and beyond the call of duty. Ms. Kay performs her duties superbly and is always willing to assist staff members and students in any situation. According to her co-workers, she is the heart and soul of the N.F. Woods/MIWAYE team who constantly lifts her team members up through encouraging words and thoughtful actions. She has influenced so many students with compassion, motivational conversations, and occasionally a morning snack. Her smile will light
up the room. Each day she greets every student and staff member with that warm smile; her kindness is infectious. Ms. Kay is so exceptional that occasionally she will surprise the entire staff with lunch paid out of her own pocket. There are not enough words to describe how phenomenal Ms. Kay truly is or the positive effect she has on the MIWAYE program. The Woods family feels very blessed to have her and would be lost without her."

Mr. Hill continued the nomination by saying:

"Kay Ellis, is a very special person, who is an asset and without a doubt, a true gift to MGSD. She is a magnet that all the staff and student body she serves are drawn to due to her infectious smile and kind words. While being employed here in MGSD, Kay has successfully served in several roles.  She has served in the transportation department as a bus driver, in the high school, and as a special needs teacher assistant, and now she is currently serving as a custodian at the Woods campus.  She is passionate about her job, willing to do whatever it takes to help make N.F. Woods a success and proves it yearly by maintaining a 95% or higher inspection score. Other notables include shoveling snow
and ice at 6:00am, being a listening ear to a staff member expressing a concern, or spending her own money for treats for our kids.  Kay is an "all in person" and we would expect no less from a person who repeatedly says, 'I love my job!'"

ABCD award recipient, board chair, and superintendent

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