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Board of Education May Celebrations and News

Proclamation Honoring Officer Jordan Sheldon and the Mooresville Police Department


The Mooresville Graded School District issued a proclamation honoring Officer Jordan Sheldon and the Mooresville Police Department to open the May Board of Education Meeting:

Proclamation Honoring Officer Jordan Sheldon and the Mooresville Police Department

Pledge of Allegiance

Three South Stars were selected to lead the Pledge of Allegiance at the May 14 Board of Education Meeting. Gabriela Salazar, Ashton Wilson, and Zoe Hoyle were chosen because they represent the spirit of South Elementary School. Not only are they inquisitive, hardworking, and kind, but they lead by example and are respected by their peers. They embrace the South Elementary motto of TEAM... Together, Everyone, Achieves, More. It is an honor to have these amazing South Stars represent South Elementary!

May 2019 Pledge of Allegiance Leaders

Above and Beyond the Call of Duty

The MGSD Board of Education presented Ms. Tammy Wolfe, Mooresville High School Teacher Assistant, with the ABCD award for the month of May.  Ms. Wolfe was nominated by MHS Principal Eric Schwarzenegger who said:

"On paper, Ms. Tammy Wolfe’s title is Teacher Assistant, but in reality, the title of 'School Assistant' is probably more accurate. As a Teacher Assistant in our OCS program, Tammy works with a team of teachers and TAs to deliver instruction and coach students through life lessons. Everyday I have the privilege of witnessing Ms. Tammy teaching, mentoring, and in some cases, parenting her students to ensure they are successful in high school and beyond. Tammy takes the long view approach when working with her students. By using her own spice of tough love, she makes a little bit of a difference everyday to greatly impact the lives of her students. Over time, we get to see the wonderful impact she has made as these boys and girls transform into young men and women.  But that just describes Ms. Tammy’s regular job. Tammy drives the bus for students that go to job sites during the school day and for our athletic teams in the afternoon. There have also been countless times she has filled in as a substitute driver for transportation at a moment’s notice. If you come to MHS in the evenings, you are likely to see Ms. Tammy working the gate at athletic events. Last year, I asked her to design and run our school-wide attendance recovery program because I knew that she would take the time to do a thorough job and make sure the vision for this program was accomplished. That program continues today. Ms. Tammy also organizes special events, such as a reception for the hundreds of seniors and volunteer judges after the Capstone Presentations. In every corner of Mooresville High School, you will find people that go the extra mile to support our school and students; however, you would be hard pressed to find anyone who arrives as early or leaves as late as Ms Tammy Wolfe on any given day. She does so much around Mooresville High School that it leaves us to wonder if she has somehow figured out a way to squeeze more than 24 hours out of a day. We are thankful for Ms. Tammy’s dedication to Mooresville High School and grateful that she is being recognized with the ABCD award."

MGSD May 2019 ABCD Honoree

Artist of the Month

The Board of Education honored South Elementary Student Ayriana Payne with the MGSD Artist of the Month award for May.  Ayriana was nominated by her art teacher, Ms. Penny Tucker.  She was chosen because both Ayriana and her art shine!  In art class she is a leader with her ideas.  Art allows Ayriana to express herself whether it is a structured artist study such as Picasso or an introduction to a new media such as watercolor.  Ayriana's attention to detail in her art is a joy to see!

MGSD May 2019 Artist of the Month Honoree

Spotlight on People

Such great things are happening with our students in Mooresville Graded School District that we needed multiple Spotlights in May!

First, our Career and Technical Education students continue to excel with several CTE state and national qualifiers and winners.

Sponsors/Instructors: Darrin Bridges & Tommy Chester
National Competition: June 24 - 29, 2019, in Louisville, KY

Urban Search & Rescue:
Eshan Parikh & Henry Brown - 1st in State/National Qualifiers

Additive Manufacturing:
Anthony Saraco & Aiden Seto - 1st in State/National Qualifiers

Drafting I:
Tristan Croson - 1st in State

2019 SkillsUSA Award Winners

Sponsor/Instructor: Ashley Ericson
National Competition: June 28 - July 3, 2019, in San Antonio, TX

Accounting II:
Taylor Rumrill - 4th in State/National Qualifier

2019 FBLA Award Winner

Sponsors/Instructors: Laurel Andrews & Jennifer Boniface
National Competition: June 18 - 23, 2019, in Orlando, FL

Healthy Lifestyles:
Skylar Oliver - 3rd Place/National Qualifier

Public Health:
Hannah Wilson, Abigail Marshall, Colin Stein-Martin, Carter Gamble, and Jackson Baker - 2nd in State/National Qualifiers

2019 HOSA Award Winners

The Spotlight was also on the Mooresville High School Wrestling Team who were the 2018 - 2019 North Carolina 4A Individual State Champions!

Head Coach: Ben Watson, 2018-2019 NCHSAA 4A Wrestling Coach of the Year
Assistant Coaches: Garry Eller & Dewy Bustle

The 2018-2019 MHS Wrestling Team earned the following honors this year:

  • Dakota Smith Invitational Champions
  • "Wrestle for the Cure" dual team Champions
  • Newton Cover Super Duals Team Champions
  • IMECK Conference Champions
  • 4A West Regional dual team runner ups (34-2)
  • 4A West Regional tournament Champions
  • 4A Individual Team Tournament State Champions

The team had 10 wrestlers qualify to compete in the State Tournament:

  • Jake Emmert, 120 Wt. Class - State Qualifier
  • Jaxon Mcallister, 182 Wt. Class - State Qualifier
  • Tyree Westmoreland, 285 Wt. Class - State Qualifier
  • Samson Sokolski, 106 Wt. Class - 6th place
  • Dilyn Roudebush, 170 Wt. Class - 6th Place
  • John Jimenez, 220 Wt. Class - 4th Place
  • Michael "Mikey" Goins, 160 Wt. Class - 3rd place
  • Isaac Shaw, 138 Wt. Class - State Champion
  • Silas Shaw, 145 Wt. Class - State Champion (3-time state champion)
  • Isaac "Ike" Byers, 152 Wt. Class - State Champion (2-time state champion)
2018 - 2019 MHS Wrestling State Championship Team

Both the Girls' and Boys' Mooresville Middle School Basketball Teams were spotlighted for undefeated championship seasons!

7th Grade Girls Basketball Team Head Coach: Jason Chambers
Assistant Coach: Napoleon Lowery III

Kami Bodine
Ciara Cacciatore
Kamoni Cornelius
Jenna Garcia
Savannah Goodwin
Avrelle Harrell
Trinity Herring
Melanie Inman
Leah Kleinhandler
Destiny Leach
Paige Roudebush
Paige Sarver
Campbell Schaen
Lauren Vanderpool

2018 - 19 MMS 7th Grade Girls' Basketball Team

7th Grade Boys Basketball Team Head Coach: Napoleon Lowery III
Assistant Coach: Jordan Foushee

Xavier Adams
Caleb Edstrom
My’Kell Ferguson
Randy Fulmore
Matthew Gould
Josiah Hunter
Gino Kerns
Isaiah Nichols
Turez Patterson
Marley Samuels
Myles Samuels
Bailey Sanders
Ryan Williams
Jayonte Wilson
Landon Young

2018 - 19 MMS 7th Grade Boys' Basketball Team