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Mooresville Board of Education November News and Celebrations

Mooresville Board of Education November News and Celebrations

Pledge of Allegiance

Luz Martinez-Salazar, 5th Grade student at Mooresville Intermediate School, was nominated by her teacher, Ms. Rainey, to lead the Pledge of Allegiance at the November Board of Education meeting.  Luz was chosen because she represents all the best qualities of a Bobcat. Luz is a very responsible, motivated, and passionate student. She comes to school every day with an excitement for learning, and a dedication for going above and beyond. Luz is a model student who sets a positive example for her peers. She works hard and digs deep when
tasks are difficult. She asks questions that help her understand more clearly, and she connects new knowledge to previous learning like a pro. Her perseverance also makes her team stronger because she often asks the questions that helps everyone in the classroom. Luz is a remarkable learner because she is self-motivated and always challenges herself to be at her very best. Luz is helpful to those around her when they need help or don't understand directions, and she works well both independently and in a group. Her work ethic and focus on doing well is an inspiration to her classmates. Luz is a wonderful young lady who will continue to excel and grow both academically and socially. MGSD thanks Luz for your hard work and dedication!

Pledge of Allegiance Leader


Spotlight on People

The Board of Education put the spotlight on the 7th Grade Football Team for an undefeated season!

Head Coach: Jason Chambers
Assistant Coaches: Michael Fulton, Jordan Foushee, John Bustle, Caleb Kistler, Jay Ervin, Thomas Cross, and Jay Edwards.

2019 MMS Football Team Roster

Emmanuel Adams, Joshua Allen, Gavin Bisco, Tyger Blackwood, Samuel Breece,
William "Joey" Burke, Skyz Carr, Prince Davis, Richard “Drew” Davis, Holden Faison, Jamari Farmer, Aaron Graham, Tyler Hackney, Eric Heal, Micayla Henry, Owen Hook, Aiden Jones, Gabriel “Sloan” Karriker, Justin Kinahan, Cameron Martin, Zyon McGowan, Luke Modrak, Dallas Morrison, Tyrron Morrison, Aizai Mosley, Darian Reid, Mason Richards, Michael Schook, Caydon Sloop, Cloey Sloop, Noah Thomas, Tristan Torrence, Mecca Turner, Luca Wraight.

7th Grade Football Team Recognition


Spotlight on People

The Board of Education recognized the MGSD school treasurers for completing the NCASBO Treasurer Academy.  This academy was established to provide school treasurers with a comprehensive training program in the area of school finance. The Academy provides focused training in order to:

  • Promote the highest professional and ethical standards of school business management practices for NC schools;
  • Offer practical information that will help school treasurers succeed and excel in their employment; and,
  • Establish a basis for advancing professionalism of school treasurers to assure school districts that they have a base knowledge about laws, regulations, and procedures for the ultimate benefit of the students of North Carolina’s public school system.

The Academy has been designed so that an individual can attain the certification status in three sessions of two days each for a total of twelve different course topics. Upon successful completion of course work, participants will receive a certificate verifying completion of the NCASBO School Treasurer Academy.
NCASBO certification courses provide a great deal of information in a short time. Courses are in-depth training rather than classes in theory and are intended to cover practical major points about their respective topics, offer an opportunity for questions and discussion, and provide resource information for future use.

MGD is proud of our school treasurers! We appreciate all they do each day to support our schools and appreciate the time and effort expended to participate in the Academy.

District Treasurers

Jackie Justice – ParkView Elementary
Rachel Hunter – Rocky River Elementary
Cindy Teague – South Elementary
Valerie Carter – Mooresville Intermediate School
Trena Williams – East Mooresville Intermediate School
Kathi Johnson – Mooresville Middle School
Sandy Verley – Mooresville High School

School Treasurers Spotlight on People Recognition


Above and Beyond the Call of Duty

The MGSD Board of Education honored Jason Chambers, Mooresville Middle School head custodian and coach, with the ABCD award at the November Board of Education meeting.  Coach Chambers was nominated by MMS Principal Ayana Robinson.  In the nomination, Ms. Robinson said:

"Coach Chambers is the head custodian at Mooresville Middle School. He is also the MMS Head Football Coach and the 8th Grade Girls Basketball Coach. Prior to being the middle school head custodian, he served as a very reliable long term sub at MMS. Coach Chambers exemplifies what it means to go above and beyond the call of duty. He stepped into his role as head custodian with the goal to help our school look the best it can for students. This included working with his custodial team to build camaraderie amongst each other. We have watched him work alongside each custodian in order to get to know who they are and what motivates them to do their job. He always looks for ways to say yes. He is willing to jump in and help out any way possible. One day he overheard the administrative team trying to figure out who would help cover the front car lot, and he volunteered himself. He wasn't quite sure what he was volunteering to do, but he knew he
wanted to help out any way possible. Coach Chambers has a cool, calm demeanor about him. He understands how important his role is at MMS, and he takes it very seriously. The students LOVE Coach Chambers. During cafeteria duty he can be found checking in on student athletes and students who are not on a team. He is
always encouraging students. He pushes students to do their best in the classroom and on the court. Our students were able to show Coach Chamber how much he is valued at the Fall Pep Rally. When it was his turn to present the football team the ENTIRE gym cheered as he walked across the gym, it was absolutely amazing. Coach Chambers has swooped into MMS as our own personal superman. He has a heart of gold and we appreciate all of his hard work. We truly believe Coach Chambers takes pride in leading by example and we all work hard to follow his
lead. Thanks Coach Chambers for all you do!"

Coach Chambers receiving ABCD Award


Artist of the Month

The MGSD Board of Education recognized the phenomenal artistry of Rain Leonor, Mooresville Intermediate School 6th grade student.  Rain was nominated by her teacher Mrs. Lemmon said about Rain:

"Rain has been on my “art teacher radar” since her first day at Mooresville Intermediate School.  She is so humble about her talents but they always shine through in her work. Rain works very hard in art class even though every project comes so naturally to her. She is truly someone with a bright future ahead of her. As an educator, I cannot help but love her contagious excitement and passion for creating and perfecting her art. She is very deserving of the Artist of the Month

Artist of the Month Award


Instructional Highlight

Mooresville Intermediate School presented on "Bobcat Time"... Check it out!