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MGSD COVID-19 Update (3/27/2020)

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Hello MGSD families,

Our first week of remote learning is complete, and we cannot thank you enough for your patience as we worked through technical and logistical difficulties that we encountered while rolling our Virtual Learning Plan out.  We realize this is a challenging time for everyone and understand that some days will go more smoothly than others; however, we are learning as we go, and making positive changes to our Virtual Learning Plans each day based on feedback from staff, students, and parents.  We are sure there will be additional hiccups moving forward; however, we also know we have staff working hard to ensure our students continue to receive a meaningful educational experience during these times.

Below you will find answers to the more frequent questions we receive:

Will the district continue to provide meals through May 15?  We sure will!  We have more people taking advantage of our meals each day, and we hope it is helpful to our families.  Please note that for the week of March 30, we have revised the meal delivery schedule. We have added additional stops and removed a few stops; however, where we have removed stops, there will still be a meal service provided by Mooresville Outreach.  You can view and download the schedule for March 30 - April 3 at the following links:

English:  School Nutrition Meal Schedule

Spanish:  Plan de Aprendizaje Virtual del Horario de Comidas de Nutrición Escolar

Given the most recent Executive Order by Governor Cooper, following the guidelines for social distancing (6 ft) while in line at the busses to pick up your meals IS A MUST. 

Will there be the end-of-year standardized testing this year?  No. We have learned that there will be no standardized testing for this school year.

Is remote learning mandatory by law?  The NC State Board of education has directed school districts to provide remote learning for students. That being said, we are still waiting for guidance from the state on several issues pertaining to school closure, one of which is whether our remote learning days count as our regular days of instruction.  In the meantime, we are doing everything possible to make sure that our students continue to receive core instruction so that they do not fall behind further for this current school year and next school year, as well as making every effort to fulfill school calendar instructional requirements so that our students are not in school throughout the entire summer. 

Is attendance being taken by students logging in online?  Yes, teachers are recording the attendance of students.  Recording attendance is important for multiple reasons, such as helping teachers better understand why students may be struggling, allowing teachers to better individualize instruction, and allowing teachers to remember who missed class so that they can alert students to go back and watch recorded class sessions.  Finally, teachers can personally reach out to students who are missing class to determine if they need assistance. At this time, however, attendance data is not being reported to the state.

Is online work being graded and counted toward a student’s 4th Quarter grade?  All assigned work is being graded and placed in the 4th quarter.  While grading has been modified, it is important for students and teachers to gauge student understanding of the material.  The district is awaiting more direction from the State Board Of Education regarding grades and will make necessary adjustments if needed.

Are April 10 and April 13 still student holidays?  Yes.  There will be no virtual classes for students on April 10 or April 13.  In addition, meals will not be available for pickup or delivered on these two days.

How will my child receive his/her 3rd Quarter report card?  3rd Quarter report cards for grades 3-12 will be mailed out on April 7, 2020.  K-2 Report cards will be sent electronically. Depending on your child’s grade level, there may be other documents included in the envelope that will need your attention in preparation for next year.  Please look through the envelope carefully and let us know if you have any questions! 

We will send out another update next Friday, unless it is needed sooner.  In the meantime, you can call, email, or find all necessary information on our MGSD website at this link:  MGSD COVID-19 VLP.

Again, we appreciate your support through all of this change.  When we work together, it always benefits our children. Thank you and stay safe!