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MGSD COVID-19 Update (4/3/2020)

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Hello MGSD families,

We hope all of our families are staying safe and healthy as we finish our second week of remote learning!  Everyday we receive a reminder of why we do what we do. Whether it be a video snippet of a student or email from a staff member relaying something joyful they experienced during remote learning that day, it brings smiles during difficult times!  Thank you for hanging in there with us!

This week we simply want to share a few reminders and information about the establishment of our MGSD Wellness Support Access Line:

Meal Service:  We will continue with the revised meal delivery schedule that we released last week.  If you would like to see that schedule, please see the links below. Don’t forget that there will be no meals served on Friday (4/10) and Monday (4/13).  We cannot thank our School Nutrition staff and Bus Drivers enough for all they are doing to make sure this program is available to our students! As of this morning, since March 17, we have distributed 14795 breakfasts and 15205 lunches to students throughout Mooresville Graded Graded School District!  As a reminder, these are available to ALL children ages 0 to 18.

English:  School Nutrition Meal Schedule

Spanish:  Plan de Aprendizaje Virtual del Horario de Comidas de Nutrición Escolar

Please remember that following the guidelines for social distancing (6 ft) while in line at the busses to pick up your meals IS A MUST.

MGSD Wellness Support:  As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic with large scale quarantine measures in place, our parents, students and educators are now confined to their homes, removed from their normal social support systems, and dealing with increased psychological stressors. During this unprecedented time, Mooresville Graded School District is partnering with Integrative Wellness Solutions (IWS) to offer an access line or 'hotline' for our families, free of charge. The 'hotline' is an open line for any member of the MGSD community to speak to a licensed counselor to ask questions, share concerns, access evidenced based therapy, or get help with coordination of services, all without having to agree to any continued services or therapy. 

This hotline will be available 24/7 but will be monitored "live" from 5pm-10pm M-F and 11am-4pm Sat & Sun.  Calls received outside of this time will go to a voicemail and be returned as soon as possible. Please call Integrative Wellness Solutions at 704-360-3637 and press extension 6 to reach the hotline. All families are also encouraged to reach out to their school counselor during regular hours.

** Please note that if there is a situation where a student/family member may be at risk of harm to self/others, Partners Behavioral Health Management manages a crisis line at 1-888-235-4673 that is monitored 24 hours a day. **

3rd Quarter report cards:  3rd Quarter report cards for grades 3-12 will be mailed out on April 7, 2020.  K-2 Report cards will be sent electronically. Please remember to look through all documents in the envelope.  We are trying to take care of logistics for next school year so depending on your child’s grade level, there may be additional items that need your attention in that mailing.

Feel free to bookmark our MGSD VLP website at this link MGSD COVID-19 VLP for updated information!

Thank you, thank you thank you!  Your support makes our job easier during times like these!