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Academics within the Mooresville Graded School District are at the core of student performance and exist to establish MGSD students as globally innovative leaders by fostering a culture that cultivates critical thinking, communication, collaboration, creativity, rigor, relevance and social relationships.  District level administrators facilitate the overall plans for and implementation of MGSD's academic curriculum and instruction; site administrators lead the implementation of curriculum and instruction and are key stakeholders in all decision-making regarding it.  All district schools’ curriculum is aligned to the North Carolina Standard Course of Study, and enhanced via a digital format and digital resources. 

Academics within MGSD are based on many of the beliefs and values articulated within the district strategic plan:

A collaborative culture of caring is necessary for developing the whole child, as well as creating a climate for staff to succeed.

  • Building authentic relationships with students, staff, and the community
  • Developing students’ feelings of empowerment and the difference they can make as an individual
  • Ensuring a safe and inclusive environment that promotes optimal growth
  • Providing resources that support the development of the whole child

High expectations forge highly successful students, staff, and schools.

  • Inspiring continuous improvement through reflective practice
  • Maintaining strong academic standards by providing relevant instruction and professional development
  • Practicing high ethical principles to build confidence and engagement among all community members
  • Establishing organizational focus and alignment on academic needs, behavioral support, and social and emotional growth

For more details about our district and its academic standing, please look at our North Carolina Report Card.