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Academically and Intellectually Gifted

The Mooresville Graded School District offers various levels of advanced instruction to meet the individual academic needs of our students.  Teachers differentiate instruction beginning in our elementary classrooms and continue through high school.  In our school system, students are formally identified at the end of third grade.  Students are served in AIG Math and/or AIG Reading in grades 4 - 5 in our intermediate schools.  Our middle schools offer Honors classes using a blended model for both AIG and non-AIG students.  At Mooresville High School, students have the flexibility to enroll in courses such as Honors, AP, and Career & College Promise, as well as courses offered through NC Virtual Public Schools.

Vision:  To become a flexible and inclusive student-centered program that develops the potential of gifted students representative of the total student population.

Mission:  To effectively and comprehensively address the interests and develop the potential and skills of every AIG child, every day, so that each student reaches his or her fullest potential.

To learn more about the Mooresville Graded School District's Academically and Intellectually Gifted program, see our AIG Flyer  or download and read our 2022 - 2025 AIG Plan below.

For current AIG news and activities within our K-5 schools, visit AIG Specialist Amy Smith's website.

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Returning to MGSD?

A student who qualifies for the AIG Program continues to be eligible for services in that program for the entire time s/he remains in the Mooresville Graded School District. However, if a student leaves MGSD for more than one year in a new public school system, a new private/independent/charter school, or for home schooling, the student must re-qualify and meet the MGSD AIG Program eligibility criteria based on current test data.

New to MGSD?

Students transferring into MGSD who were previously placed in a gifted/talented program elsewhere may be screened and placed into MGSD AIG services if at the time of placement in the other school district the test scores used for placement show that the student would have been eligible for MGSD AIG Program services.  Once the criteria are met that the student would have been eligible for MGSD AIG services under current procedures, the student may be placed and served in the MGSD program with no additional testing required.  If the student's scores from the previous district do not qualify him/her for placement in the MGSD AIG program, the student may be screened to collect additional data.

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