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Multilingual Learner Education

students saying hello in different languages


Tracey Waid
Director of Secondary Instruction/Title III Coordinator 

Jazmina Torres Ortega
ML Teacher, K-2 

Beth Watson
ML Teacher, 3-5

Deborah Vehar
ML Teacher, 3-5

Erin Anders
ML Teacher, Selma Burke Middle School 

Catherine Hamilton-Genson
ML Teacher, Mooresville Middle School

Kristin DaSilva
ML Teacher, Mooresville High School

Vanessa DeJesus
ML Teacher, Mooresville High School

Laura Slaughter
C&I and Federal Programs Assistant

MGSD Translator Specialist

Shirley Cintron
MGSD Translator Specialist 

MGSD's Language Instruction Educational Program (LIEP) is designed to support the needs of K-12 Multilingual learner (ML) students for whom English is not their first/home language. The goal is for these students to acquire the knowledge and language skills necessary to succeed in school and pursue their goals as part of the 21st-century global workforce. ML students represent many countries and speak many languages. They also come from varied educational backgrounds and experiences. Not all ML students are in need of English language services. For this reason, all students complete a Home Language Survey when they enroll in North Carolina schools. If a language other than English is listed, the student's information is sent to the ML program teacher at the appropriate school for evaluation and possible screening. Those students who are determined to be limited in their English proficiency will receive targeted instructional services to improve their English language communication skills in reading, speaking, listening, and writing, while also participating in regular classroom activities. ML students in grades K-3 also have the opportunity to enroll in MGSD's Dual Language Immersion program. Dual language programs have been found to be beneficial to multilingual learners, who may excel in the immersive classroom environment. 

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