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Sandra Albert, Ed.D.
Chief Student Services Officer
Kimberly Raper
Administrative Assistant


204 East Iredell Avenue
Mooresville, NC  28115

EC Specialists

Elizabeth Aston
Behavior Specialist

Jennifer Estrada
Behavior Specialist

Shelley Laska
Compliance Specialist

Tracy Spears
Transition Specialist

Michele Voos
Program Specialist

Claire Watts
EC Programs/PreK Coordinator


Megan Foran
School Psychologist

Adrienne Goddard
School Psychologist

Michelle Honsa
School Psychologist

Tracy Lawson
School Psychologist

Dana Roy
School Psychologist

Social Services

Amy Cozart
District Social Service Counselor

Lindsay Ferro
District Mental Health Coordinator

Crystal Fansler
School Social Worker

Traci Willis
School Social Worker
McKinney-Vento Coordinator

Student Services and Exceptional Children

The Mooresville Graded School District realizes that our success is a direct product of reaching every child, every day by providing support and interventions to all students. 

  • Student Support Services are available to all children within the district through our counselors, nurses, psychologists, social workers, behavior support team and our special programs staff.
  • Students with disabilities who are found eligible for specially designed instruction and related services through the eligibility process, will have an Individual Education Plan (IEP) developed based on each child's unique needs, as related to present levels of academic achievement and functional performance.
  • Students with disabilities, who do not need specialized instruction, may be found eligible for accommodations through a 504 plan.

Student Services

Exceptional Children

Our Exceptional Children's Department strives to accomplish the goal of supporting every child, every day by providing specialized instruction and related services to all eligible students; furthermore, we recognize that students and families may need additional services to succeed in their educational endeavors.

  • MGSD's Exceptional Children's Department (EC) offers a free and appropriate public education in compliance with the federally mandated Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act of 2004 (IDEA) through a continuum of services and programs to meet the individual needs of students requiring special education, ages 3-21.
  • Special education services are provided at all of our schools, with the exception of very specialized low-incidence programs, so that students can attend a school within the geographical zone of residence, when possible.